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Aqualla proudly draws on over 40 years of experience designing and manufacturing unique, high-quality bathroom components that seamlessly fit into classic and contemporary styles. Inspira Bathrooms offers our customers Aqualla’s luxurious bathroom brassware, showering, mirrors, radiators and accessories. Each piece in Aqualla’s collection is an exemplary blend of quality, design and style that easily creates a stunning centrepiece for your bathroom. At Aqualla, you can rely on their dedication to using the highest-rated materials to provide long-lasting and breathtaking pieces to meet your bathroom’s unique needs. To learn more about our range of Aqualla products, reach out to schedule your consultation. 

Discover Aqualla’s Commitment to Elegance

Aqualla’s dedicated team of specialists work within a niche market to offer customers the best bathroom product regarding style, quality and value. Each product is designed to create an elegant feel for any bathroom. Further, the brand is taking steps to create meaningful changes by actively striving to reduce its carbon footprint.


When designing new products, Aqualla’s specialists strive to ensure their pieces will help customers use water wisely. By reducing the amount of water used, customers save money while reducing carbon emissions to help save the planet. Regardless of which Aqualla product you choose, you can rest assured that you’re receiving an elegantly designed piece that will seamlessly fit into any bathroom. 

Explore Our Range of Aqualla Bathroom Accessories

With Aqualla, simplicity is the key to each design. Simplicity adds a luxurious feel that equals the range of different colours, styles, cuts, textures and finishes available to fit your needs best. Regardless of if you’re going with an industrial style, modern, clean lines, or traditional, you can rely on the Aqualla range to have the products you need to make your bathroom stand out without sacrificing functionality.  Here is a closer look at the range of Aqualla products we carry at our showrooms, including:


Boasting two different collections, the Design and the Lifestyle collection, Aqualla has set out to elevate what customers come to expect from their taps. Both collections feature stunning designs in either wall or deck-mounted to ensure your bathroom remains glamorous without sacrificing practicality. Both collections are available in various colours and styles to best fit your needs.  


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Whether you’re looking for drench-style showers that remind you of going to the spa or dual-flow showerheads with concealed or exposed valves, their collection of shower mixers promotes a stunning combination of design, quality and style.


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Mirrors can be an excellent way to add extravagance to any room, not just your bathroom. Aqualla boasts a collection of 25 separate mirror designs, including features such as built-in lighting, materials, frames and finishes. We’ll work with you to find your space’s best comfort and style.


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Make your bathroom cozy with a new radiator or towel warmer. Whether you’re looking for a more classic style or something ultra-modern, you can rely on us to have what you need. To add a true sense of opulence in your bathroom, ask about Aqualla’s  Aromawell feature that releases a scent when the unit is on.


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Add the finishing touch to your bathroom with Aqualla’s substantial range of high-quality accessories. Regardless of if you need a towel rail, soap dispenser, shower basket, or wall hooks, each of their accessories is manufactured using chrome-plated brass or brushed stainless steel. This ensures durability and functionality while being available in five different colours.

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At Inspira Bathrooms, we pride ourselves on offering only the highest quality products from industry-leading brands. We’re excited to announce that Aqualla’s full range of pieces will be displayed at our Gateshead, North Shields and Durham showrooms. You’ll have first-hand access to their products, allowing you to see the quality and examples of how they could elevate your bathroom. We’ll be there to help you design your bespoke bathroom or answer any questions regarding our process. Our team of experienced professionals are committed to delivering you unrivalled customer service. If you’re ready to discover the Inspira Bathrooms difference and the benefit of Aqualla bathroom furniture, visit our showrooms for a free consultation or quote.


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