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From a team of specialists with over 200 years of combined experience in the industry, Coalbrook has quickly established itself as a leading bathroom brassware and accessories brand. Coalbrook has created a variety of timeless, stunning bathroom brassware in four iconic ranges. Each of their pieces undergoes a stringent design process from concept and 3D prototype to manufacturing. Their expertise allows them to take traditional designs and add a modern twist. While their products boast a sense of elegance, they’re also built to last and are of superior quality. Inspira Bathrooms is proud to offer our customers the ability have Coalbrook in the bathroom of their dreams. Let our design specialists help make your bathroom luxurious with distinguished and exclusive brassware from Coalbrook.

Discover the Elegance of Coalbrook’s Design Features

Coalbrook ensures each product is meticulously tested for the finish and longevity of each moving part. Before being shipped, you can rest assured that each product is checked for quality. Further, each relevant Coalbrook outlet can be fitted with flow restrictors to help reduce water waste. Each design creates a seamless blend of style and function to provide the best experience possible. Coalbrook stands behind each of its products with a 20-year warranty.

Find the Brassware That Best Fits Your Style

All ranges designed by Coalbrook have been created to offer something for every style and every bathroom, including deck and wall-mounted basin mixers, showers, deck and freestanding bath fillers and a wide range of bathroom accessories. Domo, Decca, Bank and Zurich are the four ranges they offer.

  • Domo was designed to fit seamlessly into any bathroom, as the focus is minimalism. It combines form and function while remaining striking.
  • Decca boasts fluted edges and disc handles while combining modern design and subtlety in a harmonious blend.
  • Bank was created to reflect an industrial aesthetic while remaining robust and solid. Each piece is expertly engineered to operate smoothly.
  • Zurich is precisely engineered to pay homage to the Swiss determination for perfection.

The Bank and Zurich ranges are available in four different finishes, gunmetal, chrome, brushed brass and brushed nickel. Take a closer look at the different pieces offered through Coalbrook’s product range, including:


Coalbrook’s basic mixers are available in their four finishes. Each basin is designed to transform your bathroom experience.


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Each bath product was manufactured to elevate your bathroom by offering luxury and functionality. Whether you’re looking for bath shower mixers to overflow, each product is available in their signature finishes, ensuring they perfectly pair with your space.


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Available in both overhead and handheld and with concealed or exposed valve options, their showers offer something for every bathroom. These are also available in the four finishing options.


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Flush Plates

Their two new flush plate ranges are the newest addition to the Coalbrook family. Each range is designed to complete and complement the Coalbrook brassware portfolio.


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Coalbrooks modern accessories include shower baskets and toilet brush holders. Each is available in their four finishing options to complete the look of your new bathroom


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At Inspira Bathrooms, we pride ourselves in offering our customers the highest quality and exclusive range of products that we’re confident you will love. Coalbrook designs and manufactures four stunning ranges of luxury tap and brassware, perfect for any bathroom. Design and function are at the heart of everything they produce. Each piece is meticulously inspected to meet even the most stringent standards.


When you choose Coalbrook, you can rest assured that you’re getting an elegant, exclusive piece designed to seamlessly blend form and function while lasting for years. Coalbrook brassware and bathroom furniture are on display at our showrooms. Schedule a free consultation and quote to see these spectacular pieces in person.


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