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Are you looking to transform your bathroom into an elegant oasis? Since 1983, Dansani has been the leading high-quality luxury bathroom furniture brand. Inspira Bathrooms is proud to be an exclusive dealer for Dansani bathroom products in Gateshead, Durham and North Shields. Through Dansani’s dedication to developing and manufacturing elegant bathroom furniture, we can elevate your style. Their products offer a seamless blend of Danish style with functionality and quality you can depend on.


For over 30 years, Dansani has been committed to creating bespoke but affordable bathroom solutions that offer unrivalled functionality while remaining aesthetically pleasing. The skilled artisans at Dansani are passionate about using the best materials possible to provide an exemplary range of luxurious bathroom furniture to meet your unique needs. Reach out today to schedule a consultation to discover how Dansani bathroom furniture can elevate your bathroom.

Explore the Core Values of the Dansani Brand

The values that Dansani were founded on establish a foundation and help drive everything they do. Dansani strives to show joy and appreciation for their co-workers, customers, and suppliers. At the heart of their company, Dansani respects everyone, their surroundings, and the environment. Further, the company strongly focuses on designs, innovation and sustainability. They have the courage and desire to question and change what they traditionally do. For Dansani, their unfaltering passion and success are tied to three core values:

  • Design – The design philosophy from Dansani is built around creating timeless pieces that seamlessly reflect the latest trends and styles. They collaborate with world-known designers and architects to ensure each piece manufactured is aesthetically stunning, functional and designed to last.
  • Quality – Dansani’s skilled artisans take pride in using the highest quality materials to manufacture their bathroom furniture. They adhere to strict standards to ensure each piece meets its quality while striving for improvement. This ensures that each piece of bathroom furniture manufactured is guaranteed to stand the test of time while remaining luxurious.
  • Sustainability – Everyone at Dansani is committed to using eco-friendly materials and production methods. Responsible manufacturing is at the core of their process; before anything, they prioritise sustainability. Their dedication ranges from sourcing wood from sustainable forests to utilising water-based lacquers. Dansani is passionate and committed to taking every step to minimise their environmental footprint.

Explore Our Range of Dansani Bathroom Products

At Inspira Bathrooms, we’re excited to offer a diverse range of Dansani products encompassing a wide selection of styles and colours designed to fit every taste and preference. Whether you’re looking to create a subtle bathroom or want it to stand out, Dansani furniture uniquely emphasises true customisation. Unlike other brands, Dansani promises to each of its customers, “create your personal space.”


With their furniture and our design professionals, we can create a truly bespoke bathroom design that reflects you. With Dansani, you can embrace minimalist designs and bold colours that make a statement or find a collection of sleek contemporary lines and each style is offered through an extensive selection of finishing and materials. The flexibility encourages you to find a mix of elements that create a unique bathroom space that seamlessly fits into your home’s interior while creating a sense of elegance and luxury. Take a look at the diverse range of products Dansani offers, including:

Dansani YOU

The Dansani YOU collection (offers classic and vintage style furniture in all sizes and colour options so) is perfect if you’re looking for a bespoke bathroom space. You’ll find a range of vanities, basins, storage options and mirrors that can be easily mixed and matched. You’ll find a range of vanities, basins, storage options and mirrors that can be easily mixed and matched. 


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Dansani Curvo

This stylish collection showcases Dansani’s innovation and focus on practicality. With this collection, you’ll discover curved basins and mirror cabinets with integrated lights and storage. The curved designs create a welcoming space with an elegant touch.


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Dansani’s Calidris

Dansani’s Calidris collection is a stunning showcase of unique Scandinavian designs featuring clean lines and seamless elegance with collections that mean you can create a cohesive design between bathroom, bedroom or hallways.


With Calidris, you can find a range of vanities, including tall cabinets and mirror cabinets that feature integrated lighting options. The Caldris collection allows you to choose your colour with made to order furniture in any NCS or RAL colour, complemented by basins and worktops available in glass, silestone and solid surfaces.


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Dansani Luna

This is one of the most popular collections offered by Dansani. With Luna, you’ll find a near-perfect blend of functionality and minimalist design boasting state-of-the-art features such as freestanding wall-mounted vanities, choice of colours, basin styles and handle options. Luna is well suited for large and small bathrooms.

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Dansani Mido+

The Mido collection is for individuals looking to accentuate their bathroom with sleek lines and clean aesthetics. This collection offers a range of simple and modern designs in the most popular colours that add elegance to any space at very competitive prices.


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Dansani Match Shower

The Dansani Match shower range boasts a selection of shower screens and doors that offer minimalistic, space-saving  designs without sacrificing top-notch quality. You’ll have access to several materials, colours and finishes to get the right combination.


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Dansani Heated Towel Rails

After a shower, there’s nothing as remarkable as having a warm and dry towel. The Dansani heated towel rail adds a sense of luxury and elegance with innovative, space saving designs.


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As an exclusive dealer in Gateshead, Durham and North Shields, Inspira Bathrooms encourages you to visit the Gateshead showroom to fully explore the full range of Dansani’s bathroom furniture. Our showroom provides exclusive first-hand access to Dansani’s luxury products.


If you’re ready to design your new bathroom or have questions, we’ll schedule you for a free consultation or quote to discuss the bathroom of your dreams. We’re committed to delivering outstanding services for our customers. Reach out today to discover how Inspira Bathrooms and Dansani can elevate your bathroom and bring your dreams to life.


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